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This Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd Health and Safety Policy Statement applies to all operations both at the company’s head office at Unit 06 Portfield Road, Portsmouth and on transient work sites, whether planned or responsive works scaffolding and roofing works. 


The Managing Director (Mr. Lee Cade) recognises and accepts responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment and to prevent injury and ill health for all employees, sub-contractors and visitors who attend Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd. premises and transient work sites and others (e.g. public, sub-contractors, client workers and others) who may be affected by the conduct of our operations. By signing this Occupational Health and Safety Policy, the Managing Director gives approval to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System described in the Integrated Management System Manual (HSEQ) and in supporting Company Processes. As the Managing Director, I am committed to continually improve the health and safety MS, to ensure it remains robust and upholds the safety of all.


Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd. recognises the social and economic importance of protecting the health and safety of those affected by its operations and is committed to leading by example in promoting health and safety in all its operations. Health and safety should never be compromised for any other objective.


This Occupational Health and Safety Policy is evaluated as part of the overall review of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System to ensure its stated objectives are met. This statement will be reviewed on an annual basis.


The objectives and principles of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy are:


  • To establish and maintain an Occupational Health and Safety Management Systemwhich satisfies the requirements of ISO 45001:2018, all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, industry best practice and any other Client specificrequirements.

  • To maintain workplaces to ensure that they are safe and without health risks, includingmeans of access and egress, with adequate facilities and arrangements for employees’welfare.

  • To provide and maintain working environments and safe systems of work for employeesthat are safe and free from healthrisks.

  • We are committed to eliminate, so far as reasonably practicable, all hazards and reduce risk to provide a safe working environment free from injury and ill health.

  • To provide and maintain plant and equipment and operational controls that prevent injuryand illhealth.

  • To ensure safety and absence of health risks in connection with the use, handlingand storage of articles andsubstances.

  • To consult with employees on issues relating to occupational health andsafety.

  • To promote and encourage a positive health and safety culture throughout theorganisation through the provision of information, training, instruction andsupervision.

  • To provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable employeesto avoid hazards and to contribute positively to the health and safety of themselves and others whilst atwork.

  • To establish effective arrangements to draw the Occupational Health and SafetyManagement System to the attention of employees so that they are aware of their obligations and carry out communication, so it is understood and implemented by allemployees.

  • To ensure all employees are aware of their individual occupational Health and Safety obligations under the . Management shall seek the support and co-operation of employees with respect to occupational health andsafety.

  • To operate a ‘balanced blame’ culture whereby employees are openly encouraged to report hazards, including near misses, without fear of reprisal to ensure the root causes ofaccidents are identified thus enabling measures to be put in place to eliminaterecurrence.

  • To ensure sufficient financial and physical resources are available to meet the objectives of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, as well as all applicable statutory and regulatoryrequirements.

  • To ensure occupational health and safety objectives are set, monitored and reviewedat regularintervals.

  • To maintain continual improvement of occupational health and safety managementand performance by regularly monitoring and reviewing the occupational Health and Safety Management System to ensure itseffectiveness.

  • To update operations in response to advances in technology, changes to industrybest practice and new understanding in health andsafety.

  • To ensure that risk assessments are being carried out on an on-going basis, with employees participating in the risk assessment process. Assessments will cover our undertakings and will assist in the identification of hazards and the setting of prioritised objectives for elimination and reduction ofrisk.

  • We are committed to ensure that we uphold all relevant health and safety regulations that impact on our operations

  • To arrange for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and reviewof preventative and protectivemeasures.

  • To maintain records as objective evidence to show compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety ManagementSystem.



The Managing Director has the overall responsibility for the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Occupational Health and Safety Management System including formulation, development, implementation and encouraging commitment by personnel at all levels of the Company.


The Management Representatives nominated in the Integrated Management System Manual are responsible for the co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of the policy throughout the organisation.


All employees, contractors and visitors are responsible for policy implementation by cooperating, participating and contributing to its success through their actions and suggestions.



This Occupational Health and Safety Policy is communicated to all employees, contractors and visitors. A copy is displayed on employee notice boards at the Head Office, held in the Site Offices and published on the internal company shared drive and company website. All employees are encouraged to read it and communicate any queries to a Director.

Copies are made available to interested parties on request and a copy is published on our company website.


Lee Cade

Managing Director


SIGNED: Lee Cade

DATE: 26/11/2019


This Policy is displayed at the Head Office and is available to all personnel, including Visitors, contractors and any interested parties. All employees are encouraged to read it and communicate any quires to a Director. It is also available on the company www


A copy of this Policy can also be obtained, on request (to any interested parties) from our Main Office at Unit 06, The Nelson Centre, Portfield Road, Portsmouth, Hants PO3 5SF


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