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Health & Safety and Policies


Health and Safety Policy Statement

Statement of Commitment


At Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd, we are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all our employees and all those that could be affected by our works. We are accredited with BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and will uphold its requirements at all times by ensuring continual improvement, compliance, set targets and monitor our progress. We are committed to ensure that the prevention of injury and ill health will remain paramount though out our organisations processes and operations. We will provide sufficient and suitable resources to ensure that the management of health and safety is upheld.


It is the belief of the Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd management that maintaining exceptional standards of health, safety and welfare is a fundamental pillar of business success and should not be looked at in isolation, nor should it be thought of as a financial burden. It is our desire that our performance in this regard, is a key competitive differentiator; benefiting our employees, our clients, people affected by our works and our enduring commercial achievements.



Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd recognise that a health safety culture can only be achieved with the cooperation and commitment of its employees. Employees to commit to this policy and to make their best efforts to achieve its aims. Regular dialogue is encouraged with all employees and formal H&S Committees are run on a monthly basis.


Continual Improvement

The senior management of Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd are committed to the continual improvement of Health and Safety performance. We will achieve this through a process of monitoring and reviewing our practices on a regular basis.

General Statement of Intent

It is the policy of this Company to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable:


✓ The health, safety and welfare of all its employees while they are at work (in whatever operation or location, whether on site or in transit on authorised business), of visitors to Company premises and operations and of others who may be affected by its actions.


✓ The provision of safe systems of work that are without risks to health with necessary supervision and control mechanisms to ensure health & safety.


✓ The maintenance of a working environment that is safe and without risks to health and the provision of adequate facilities and arrangements for welfare at work.


✓ The provision of plant, machinery, equipment and vehicles, whether owned or hired in conditions that are safe and without risks to health and to provide systems for inspections and preventative maintenance to ensure safe conditions.


✓ That arrangements are in place for ensuring safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances.


✓ The provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure the health & safety at work of employees, and information to contractors and others who may be affected by the Company's operation or products.


✓ The provision of a safe means of access to, movement within and egress from places of work.


✓ Co-operation with and involvement of employees in meeting health & safety objectives.


✓ The necessary resources and input will be afforded to the achievement of the foregoing policy and to this end the Company will:


✓ Ensure that all requirements of the Health & Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974, Regulations & Approved Codes of Practice issued under the Act, and other relevant Acts and Regulations that apply to the Company’s operations are complied with.


✓ Provide the necessary management information and involvement, so far as is reasonably practicable to do so, to achieve the standards laid down in this policy.




Environmental Policy Statement


Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd is a leading, local contractor whose core business processes are roofing and scaffolding processes We acknowledge the importance of being responsible, sustainable and ethical in order to meet the needs of the present and leave a better environment for future generations. We believe this can be achieved through the skills and knowledge that our employees have and the techniques and the materials that we use. Our strategies and operations promote the best environmental practices because of the business and ethical benefits that this bring. Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd directors, employees and managers are proud to support this policy. We are accredited with ISO 14001:2015 and will uphold its requirements and are committed at all times to support its cause by ensuring the protection of the environment and continual environmental improvement.


Through this statement, Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd, will:

  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements and any other requirements placed on us;

  • Set and communicate clear quantifiable environmental objectives

  • Take all reasonable measures to prevent pollution from our scaffolding and roofing processes

  • Provide all staff with training to raise their awareness of environmental and sustainability issues;

  • Reduce our vehicle emissions through good management and maintenance of our company vehicles.

  • Reduce the environmental impact of Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd through reducing, reusing and recycling materials to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Minimise environmental impact, so far as reasonably practicable, by implementing our cradle to grave (life-cycle) policy with regards to our scaffold and roofing supplies and recycle all waste.

  • Ensure that our scaffold board suppliers sustainably source materials in line with the requirements of their PCFC and FSC certification

  • Protect the environment during our scaffolding and roofing processes

  • Put in place measures to promote reduction, re-use and recycling of building waste;

  • Implement the Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd Sustainable Procurement Policy to encourage improvements in the environmental performance of suppliers, goods and services;

  • Engage with our customers to promote environmental best practice and seek collaborative opportunities in order to facilitate developments with environmental protection.

  • In line with our ISO 14001 standard we will set and monitor our environmental objectives

  • Ensure that this policy is communicated to all our employees, clients and subcontractors

  • Encourage companies, who operate in partnership with us, to adopt a policy in accordance with the commitments laid out within this Policy.



Quality Policy Statement


At Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd, we undertake the following processes:


It is policy of Cade Roofing and Building Services Ltd to provide its customers with a high-quality service and expectations to meet our customer and contractual specification, we are committed to ensure that we provide the highest service possible. We are accredited with ISO 9001:2015 Standard, we are committed to ensure we uphold its requirements and will continually improve our processes and procedures to ensure that they meet client, suppliers and business needs. It is of the utmost importance that we are totally customer focused towards their requirements and the scope of services our customers and their needs and strive to achieve perfection. We are committed to work with both clients and suppliers to maintain and continually improve and maintain the highest quality standards.


Overall responsibility and ownership of the Quality Management System (QMS) is our managing director, who is fully supported by his management team. Our management team lead quality from the very top of the organisation to ensure both compliance and upholding the quality of our service. We ensure that this policy is both consulted and communicated to our customers, workforce, subcontractors, stakeholders and others to demonstrate our commitment to provide a high-quality service to our customers. We fully understand the benefits of a comprehensive and robust QMS, which is led and managed in that customer loyalty, repeat business and future business with existing clients and others

We are committed to ensure that the aforementioned are constructed to the highest standards to ensure both customer satisfaction and repeat business with our existing and new clients. As required by the standard, we will set and continually monitor our quality objectives. As required by the standard and our policy, we plan, do, act on all our business processes, to ensure continual improvement we identify non-compliances and implement lessons learnt to ensure continual improvement.


The corporate objective of the company is to achieve long-term profitability by providing products and services to the highest degree of excellence demanded by our customers. We will use appropriate feedback to assure the attainment of this commitment. The Quality Manual, Processes, Procedures and Work Instructions are dynamic documents, which describe at an appropriate level of detail the policies, procedures and operating practices to be followed. Each member of staff will be encouraged to review and develop the processes, procedures and practices applicable to their areas of work within the company. Every employee is encouraged to understand their contribution to the overall business and its customer service. Personal objectives will be set accordingly. The Quality Manual has the full support of the Senior Management Team and, together with the supporting Quality Processes, Procedures and Work instructions, ensures that activities are controlled in a manner compatible with achieving contractual obligations effectively. We will work with staff, suppliers and other partners to continually improve our QMS and consequently our service to customers.


Policy Statement: Modern Day Slavery Act 2015

Modern Slavery Act Code of Conduct

Cade Group actively recognises and complies with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. As an organisation we will not tolerate any form of illegal or inhumane treatment to people that we work with. The people that work with and for us are our most important assets and we will treat everyone as such. This policy details our policy on the matter:

Forced or Involuntary Labour
Workers will not be subject to any form of forced labour. All work must be voluntary, and workers shall have freedom to terminate their employment at any time without penalty, given notice of reasonable length.

Recruitment Fees
Workers shall not be charged any fees or costs for recruitment, including costs associated with travel, processing official documents and work visas in both home and host countries.

Document Retention
Confiscating or withholding worker identity documents or other valuable items, including work permits and travel documents (e.g.: passports) is strictly prohibited. The retention of personal documents shall not be used as a means to bind workers to employment or to restrict their freedom of movement.

Contracts of Employment
Written contracts of employment shall be provided to migrant workers in a language they understand, clearly indicating their rights and responsibilities with regard to wages, working hours and employments conditions. Migrant workers shall be provided with their employment contract prior to deployment. The use of supplemental agreements and the practice of contract substitution are strictly prohibited.

Migrant workers shall not be required to lodge deposits or security payments at any time.

Humane Treatment
The workplace shall be free of any form of harsh or inhumane treatment.
Disciplinary policies and procedures shall be clearly defined and communicated to all workers, and shall not include any inhumane disciplinary measure, including mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse of workers. Nor shall they result in wage deductions, reductions in benefits, or compulsory labour.
The use or threat of physical or sexual violence, harassment and intimidation against a worker, his or her family, or close associates, is strictly prohibited.

Workers Equality
All workers shall be treated fairly and equally. Migrant workers shall benefit from conditions of work (including but not limited to wages, benefits and accommodation) no less favourable than those available to country nationals. Migrant workers (or their family members) shall not be threatened with denunciation/disclosure to authorities to coerce them into taking up or maintaining employment.

Wages and Benefits
All workers shall be paid at least the minimum wage and shall be provided all legally mandated benefits. Wage payments shall be made at regular intervals, directly to workers and shall not be delayed, deferred or withheld. Only deductions, advances or loans authorised by national law are permitted with the full consent of the worker. Clear and transparent information shall be provided to workers about hours worked, rates of pay and the calculation of legal deductions. All workers must retain full and complete control over their earnings. Wage deductions must not be used as a disciplinary measure or to keep workers tied to their employer or their jobs.

Working Hours
Workers shall not be forced to work in excess of the number of hours permitted in national law. Normal working hours and overtime shall not exceed 48 hours per week. No worker shall be made to work overtime under threat of penalty, dismissal or denunciation to authorities. No worker shall be forced to work overtime as a disciplinary measure or for failure to meet production quotas.

Freedom of Movement and Personal Freedom
Workers’ freedom of movement shall not be unreasonably restricted. Workers shall not be physically confined to the workplace or related premises nor shall any other coercive means be used to restrict their freedom of movement or personal freedom.

Grievance Procedure
An effective procedure is in place to ensure that any migrant worker, acting individually or with workers, can submit a grievance without suffering any prejudice or retaliation of any kind.

Private Employment Agencies
We will hire migrant workers directly whenever possible. When the subcontracting of recruitment and hiring is necessary, companies shall ensure their labour agencies are certified or licensed by a competent authority. And that they do not engage in fraudulent behaviour placing the worker at risk of forced labour or trafficking for exploitation.

This policy shall be reviewed Date: 15/03/2020